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Institute of Economic Research

The Lund Institute of Economic Research is the research division of the School of Economics and Management. The activities are funded from private grants. The Institute organizes research both within the School of Economics and Management and between the school and other parts of Lund University. It also provides a link between research and applications in business and government.


Stipend for Post Doc Studies in Sales, Strategy and Organisation

Via external grants, the Stiftelsen för främjande av ekonomisk forskning vid Lunds Universitet is able to announce a stipend for post-doc studies at the Lund Institute of Economic Research, Lund University.

The research project will based on theories of marketing, strategy and/or organisation, and aims at describing and explaining sales work. In addition, the ambition is to develop scientific competence within the area of sales and sales as a profession. For more information about the stipend and instructions on how to apply, please see this document.

New Programme on the Formation of the Sustainable Society (SuS)

Together with industry and agencies, the Institute of Economic Research is initiating a research programme on the formation of the so-called Sustainable Society (SuS), including features such as city-planning, energy generation and transmission, infrastructure, transportation, architecture, cleantech, “smart homes” and more designed to reduce CO2 footprint and energy consumption in a sustainable way. Our primary focus is on the societal and market aspects of this formation process.

New Crafoord Lectures: Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Following a 17 year hiatus, the Crafoord Lecture series is being relaunched in 2012 as the New Crafoord Lectures. The inaugural volume in the new series addresses the challenges of integrating strategy and entrepreneurship, competitive advantage, focus and innovation. It includes recent work by leading scholars such as Jay Barney, Nicolai Foss, Peter Klein and John Mathews.

To order a copy please contact Violeta Kaleskovska

Six new Visiting Fellows

Thanks to the continuous support of Dr Jan Söderberg, we have now been able to recruit six new Visiting Fellows for a three-year collaboration project with six of our own post-docs. They join a programme, which has already welcomed twelve past fellows since 2008. This year’s fellows are an exceptionally strong group, with their home affiliations at prestigious US and European institutions.

Dr Ewout Frankema (Economic History, Utrecht University, The Netherlands), Dr Saonee Sarker (Informatics, Washington State University, US), Dr Susan Chun Zhu (Economics, Michigan State University, US), Dr Siri Ann Terjesen (Entrepreneurship, Indiana University), Dr Timothy Kuhn (Organisation and Communication, University of Colorado, Boulder, US), and Dr Christoph Grimpe (Research Policy, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark) are the new ones and will start in the autumn of 2012.

More information about the Visiting Fellow Programme

New book by Sonja Opper

Capitalism from Below: Markets and Institutional Change in China by Victor Nee and Sonja Opper. This book, published by Harvard University Press in May 2012, describes how private enterprise rose to become the engine of China’s economic miracle. Over 630 million Chinese escaped poverty since the 1980s. Studying 700 manufacturing firms in the Yangzi region, the authors argue that the engine of China’s economic miracle—private enterprise—did not originate at the top but bubbled up from below, overcoming initial obstacles set up by the government.

More information about this book

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